Friday, July 23, 2010

Episode 33

Episode 33: Stupid Bitch Whore

Show Introduction
What I've Been Doing Lately

-Haven't been doing lotsa kinky stuff
-One of my teachers is a stupid bitch whore and I hate her so much and I want to smack her dirty fucking whore face
Topics For This Episode
-What I've been doing lately (or thinking about doing lately) was more interesting than the not very well thought out topic for this month
-We deleted the topic for this month
-It was sorta lame...sorry
Wrap Up
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Intro and Outro Music by Colin Gagnon
Recording and editing by John Freriks of Sensuous Enemy

1 comment:

Sarah Lily said...

I hope this finds you well! I miss your podcasts... No pressure, but if you get some free time, it'd be nice to hear from you again! :D
Sarah Lily