Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Episode 31

Episode 31: Drop

Show Introduction
What I've Been Doing Lately

-Getting ready for Shibaricon
-Getting excited about Spank Festival
-Happy Birthday Jinx! (May 17th)
-Send a birthday picture to my email to be entered into a drawing
-Win "Shibari You Can Use" by Lee Harrington
-John from Sensuous Enemy is rocking my podcast!
Topics For This Episode
-What it is and how much it sucks
-What to do about it and how to avoid it
-Knowing is half the battle
-Make a plan and learn what works to avoid drop
Wrap Up
Questions, comments or feedback can comment here or email at young_kinky@yahoo.com
Intro and Outro Music by Colin Gagnon
Recording and editing by John Freriks of Sensuous Enemy


John said...

Happy to help!
I'm looking into Skype as a way to do interviews with people over the inerwebs. I'll do a test run as soon as finals are over.

Viviane said...

I didn't realize who I was working Shibaricon registration with! It was delightful to work with you.

Benny and Jinx said...

Viviane, it was great meeting you too. I hope you enjoy the podcast! Take care and maybe I'll see you next year.